Author: April Leonforte

Biomat Layer in Septic Drainfields

Build-up of biomat over the life span of a septic system.


What is biomat in the septic drainfields (a.k.a. leachfields)?

Biomat is composed of anaerobic micro-organisms (organisms that don’t require high levels of oxygen).  These organisms anchor to the soil and gravel surrounding the drainfields.

“The biomat forms first along the trench bottom near the perforations [in the drainfield piping which delivers the effluent along the trench] where effluent is discharged, and then up along the trench walls.”

Steel Tank Collapses in Yorktown Heights, NY

A family in Yorktown Heights, NY walked out their front door one morning to find that their steel septic tank had collapsed right under their front path.  All steel tanks rust and corrode after a certain amount of time in the ground.  It is recommended that all owners with steel tanks have them replaced before there is a spontaneous collapse such as this one.