Infiltrator System in Montrose, NY

Home Sale:  Septic System Failure

A family in Montrose, NY was relocating.  When a home inspection was done, their septic fields were found to be in failure.  They contacted Precision Excavating Inc. to come up with a solution to the septic failure so that they could sell their home.

All septic systems have a limited life.  After years of use the fields become clogged with septic sludge and no longer process the septic water properly.

Solution:  Infiltrator System

After reviewing their property, Precision Excavating Inc. determined that the best option was installation of infiltrators with gravel.  An infiltrator system utilizes plastic chambers shaped like half domes that come in a variety of sizes. Infiltrators are typically utilized for properties with limited space for a septic system. The greatest advantage of the infiltrator leach line system is its ability to handle a large volume of water over a short period of time.

Board of Health Filings Completed

Precision Excavating Inc. filed all the required paperwork with the Board of Health and worked with the closing lawyers to ensure that the family was able to move on schedule.

Chamber System