Seepage Pits

Precision Excavating Inc. is licensed and insured in Northern Westchester and Putnam, New York to repair and install septic systems.  We follow all Board of Health requirements and file all required paperwork.

Precision Excavating Inc. has years of experience installing seepage pit systems and is licensed by the Board of Health in Westchester, NY and Putnam, NY.

What is a seepage pit system?

Seepage pits are a type of septic system ideal for small properties with steep slopes, where conventional fields cannot be used. These pits are made of concrete and look like honey combs.  Gravel is placed in a thick layer around the pits.  The gravel helps to clean the waste water as it seeps through the pit and then through the gravel.  The soil is then the last component of filtration that helps to clean the waste water.  The water is absorbed into the soil and also rises to be evaporated by the sun.  This is why septic systems should always have a nice layer of grass above them to help with transpiration through the grass and evaporation via the sun.

Seepage pits can also be used as dry wells for various applications.

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