Septic Inspections with Camera

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Septic Inspection with Camera (Cost: $700)

  • Requisitioning of Maps: If the homeowner cannot furnish septic map, we will either contact the appropriate agency or provide guidance to collect any available information.
  • Site Inspection to review the condition of the internal waste lines, system ventilation, location of the system with respect to setbacks and proximity to deterrents to system function, such as trees and shrubs.
  • Septic Field Inspection via a water load test to determine the ability of the fields to handle water output. The water is run for 90 minutes simulating an average to heavy flow of water from the household.  All channels of water flow are investigated for efficacy.
  • Septic Tank Inspection* is performed by exposing the lid of the tank and viewing the inside of the tank. This allows for inspection of baffles, tank contents, water flow/levels and condition of the tank and its material make-up.  (On rare occasions the tank may be too deep, the ground too hard, or the location not properly documented and, therefore, unable to be uncovered.  The information provided in these cases will be based upon visual inspection of the pipes and the inspector’s knowledge of septic systems.  Additionally, if the tank is deep and we dig beyond one foot to find the tank there is an additional charge of $50 per foot of digging.)
  • Written Report of all findings is provided within 24 hours.
  • An Estimate for System Replacement is provided if the system has been found to be in failure. In real estate negotiations, the written estimate can be presented to the seller.
  • Use of a Camera to inspect the pipes for cracks or leaks.

*Our inspections do not include tank pumping, nor do we recommend the tank to be pumped before the inspection, since a full tank allows for a more thorough inspection of the system.

Distribution Box Inspection: $200/Box

If a septic map is available, an optional distribution box inspection may be performed at $200 per box. This cost includes exposing the distribution box to inspect the condition of the box and connected fields. If the box is exposed and found to be deteriorated or clogged, then the system is in failure.

If you would like to know more about the septic inspection process or have septic inspection questions, please contact us.