Septic System Installation

Waste Management: What are septic or leaching fields?

Septic or leaching fields are the critical or main component of any septic system.  In a properly functioning system, the house waste first enters the septic tank. The solids remain in the tank and the waste water or effluent leave the tank, entering the septic fields or leaching system. There are various types of leaching systems and each has its unique advantages.

How can Precision Excavating Inc. help?

Precision Excavating Inc. is licensed in Westchester and Putnam, NY to design and install the appropriate septic system for your property.  We carefully analyze your household needs, property topography, property size and limitations before recommending a system.

Pipe and Gravel System

Pipe and gravel fields are gravel trenches with embedded perforated pipe. The pipe distributes the effluent over a specified distance. The pipe and gravel system is the proven and time tested system.

Infiltrator System

Infiltrators are plastic chambers that come in a variety of sizes for different applications. Infiltrators are typically utilized for properties with limited space. Their greatest advantage is in having the ability to handle a large volume of usage over a short period of time.  Although infiltrators can be laid without gravel in optimum soil conditions, it is always preferable to utilize gravel.

Tri-Galley System

The tri-galley is a concrete unit with a large cavity.  As with infiltrators, tri-gallies can handle a large volume of liquid over a short period of time.  Tri-gallies, however, are larger and stronger than infiltrators and can be used under pavement.  As with other septic systems, tri-gallies are best used with gravel.

Pit System

Seepage pits are concrete chambers that come in a variety of sizes for different applications. Pits are generally used on properties with good soil conditions and limited space.