Septic System Problems in Yorktown Heights, NY

A family in Yorktown Heights, NY was having septic system problems; their septic system was in “failure” or no longer functioning properly.  A system is determined to be in failure when either the toilets and sinks do not drain properly or the waste water is puddling on the surface in the yard.

Solution: New Pipe and Gravel Septic Fields

As a licensed installer, with 30+ years of experience, Precision Excavating Inc. was able to assess the situation and determine that the fields needed replacing.  We recommended the use of pipe and gravel septic fields. The pipe and gravel septic system is a time-tested and proven system.  Pipe and gravel fields are gravel trenches with embedded perforated pipe. The pipe distributes the waste water over a specified area allowing for water discharge to evaporate and be effectively absorbed by the surrounding soil.

Septic Fields

Junction Boxes