Steel Tank Collapses in Yorktown Heights, NY

A family in Yorktown Heights, NY walked out their front door one morning to find that their steel septic tank had collapsed right under their front path.  All steel tanks rust and corrode after a certain amount of time in the ground.  It is recommended that all owners with steel tanks have them replaced before there is a spontaneous collapse such as this one.

Collapsed TankCorroded Steel Tank

            New Plastic Septic Tank Installed

They contacted Precision Excavating Inc., a licensed installer of septic tanks in Westchester and Putnam County, NY, with 30+ years of experience. Because the tank location was not accessible for placement of a concrete tank, we recommended a 1,250 gallon plastic tank.

Proper Installation of New Tank

The job required the tank hole to be cleared of protruding rock ledge to install the tank.  After clearing the cavity of rock and making it level for the tank, we set the tank and attached it to the house and fields. We also ensured that any large rocks were sifted out of the soil so as not to be placed against the tank and cause future damage to the tank when settling occurred.

Plastic Septic TankConnection to Septic Fields